The path to a rock solid brand starts with the foundation.  Jackie Daily Studio leads with brand foundation strategy before aesthetics - resulting in a transformational experience that will affect your business far past your visuals.  Are you ready to build a brand from an authentic and intentional foundation?  Are you ready to embody the CEO that you've dreamt of being?  Well then, welcome.  This is your brand: becoming.

MY brand mission

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You are chosen and
purposed for something great in this world. 

Lindsey Eryn

The Process

A brand is a lot more than your visuals.  We start by digging deep and fleshing out your brand foundations.  Here lies the magic.  Your eventual brand visuals and marketing strategy will be rooted in this foundation. This part of the process provides the tools you need to show up confidently in your newly designed brand identity; grounded in purpose, strategy, and in alignment not only with what you do but who you are. 

My mission as your designer is to visually represent the alignment of your brand message and your target audience.  This is what makes your new visual presence irresistibly magnetic, attracting who you are truly meant to work with.  

We started with your strategy, moved on to visuals, now you need your home bases.  Why have a solid brand strategy and visuals if you aren't going to use them?  We'll launch a custom site built out just for you, and go through an Instagram intensive to be sure you have a cohesive look, and the knowledge to forge onward on your own while attracting your target audience.


For the entrepreneur who is ready to welcome the role of CEO wholeheartedly.  For the rising founder who wants to show up and show out - and watch their bank account burst at the seams while they're at it.  To the ones who have decided: this is my time.  You're ready to claim what is out there waiting for YOU to arrive...

There is a reason this is my signature package.  This experience takes you through the whole process, the brand strategy stage, brand visual design, and website design + launch.  This is why I do what I do - so you can work with one person to build out, design, and launch everything you need for a kick-ass brand that your audience will rave about.  


Jackie is the Creative Director behind everything you see here at Jackie Daily Studio. Her passions include empowering others, always moving forward, and being true to who she is.

Jackie has over 12 years of experience designing in the creative industry. She's run her own business as well as served as Director of Photography for a national company. She started in photography and over the years has expanded her work to brand design, and strategy. 

Me too.  Start here with my client application.  We'll chat soon ;)